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Model: 6041
Product: Digital Magnifier
Variety: Digital Magnifier
Post date: 2008-07-20
Hs number: 9011200000
Min order: 1000 pcs
Lead time: 35 days
Price teams: FOB Shanghai
Payment: TT or LC
Sensor Parameter: 1/4" 1.3 Mega Pixels CMOS
Max Resolution: 1280*1024
USB Device: USB 2.0
Frame Rate: 7.5 f/s @ 1280*1024
Preview Model: 1280*1024,1024*768,640*480,320*240,160*120
Sensitivity: 1.0V/lux-sec@550nm
Spectrum response: 400nm---1000nm
Shutter Type: ERS(electronic rolling shutter)
White Balance: Auto
USB cable length: 1.5 M
Operating System: Windows--XP2,Vista
Basic PC: Pentium4 2.0GHz or more
512MB RAM or more
USB 2.0 Port
17” Monitor or more big
Feature: 1) 36* and 200* Magnification (17”LCD Monitor )
2) High resolution for full screen view: 1280*1024
3) Without driver to install
4) Compatibility: Windows, XP, Vista
5) Capture of images or video recorder
6) Built-in 8 PCS of LED ring –lamp
7) Compact Size: high:95mm, diam.35mm
8) Weight: 0.119kg